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Document Finishing Products

Binding Machines

A full range of manual and electric binding machines are available from light duty office units to strong commercial units. Plastic binding, wire, coil, and thermal. You'll find the one that's bound to please.

C-24 Hand Binder: Our most popular hand binder handles a 12" binding edge. Perfect for low to medium volume jobs. A great partner for the HPC-24, EP21 or the EZ Power Punch.

HPC-24 Hand Punch: This stand alone unit is perfect when you need to split the punching and binding operations. Binds up to 12".

HBC-24 Binder: Manual binder, which works well with any punch or combo unit. Binds up to 14".

EPK-21 Electric Combo: A step towards greater production. A rugged electric unit punches up to 10 pages and manually binds. Ideal where space is limited. Punches 12". Binds up to 14".

EP-21 Power Punch: A stand-alone electric punch for production jobs. Capable of punching up to 25 sheets. Bind reports with the C-24, or HPC-24.

EZ Closer: This unit binds reports with wire spines, which fit the hole configuration of plastic comb binding (rectangular holes). When used with a plastic comb punch, the EZ Closer provides an inexpensive way to get into wire binding.

EZ Power Punch: Punches up to 30 sheets, this flexible unit can punch for plastic, wire, and coil using interchangeable dies.

EZ Coil Combo: Manual punch and electric inserter for coil binding.

EZ Coil Inserter: An easy to use companion for the EZ Power Punch. Quickly inserts continuous coil for binding.

Thermal Bind: Wrap-around covers with glue channels are quickly bound using this thermal unit. The binder melts the pre-glued covers to provide a fast route to perfect binding.

Binding Supplies

Plastic Binding Combs
The traditional binding look. Strong plastic spines allow open booklets to lay flat. Combs may be imprinted for a great custom look! All sizes available from 1/4" to 2". Many colors.

Wire Binding Spines
Wires provide a strong, upscale look to booklets. They also allow the book to be opened a full 360 degrees. Our standard wire spines are designed to match the punch configuration for plastic combs, making simple to bind with wire. Also available are Wire-O double loop wire spines for use in commercial binders.

Coil Binding Spines
Continuous plastic coil loop creates a lay-flat booklet with durability and flexibility. A large selection of colors including pastels, fluorescents and PMS matches.

VeloBind Spines
Tamper resistant spines secure reports up to 3" thick. Many colors available.

Report Covers

Premium Clear Covers: 8.5"x11" Square Corners 7 mil polyester. The best clear cover available. Absolutely blemish-free.

Quality Clear Covers: Available in 4, 5, 7, and 10 mil vinyl. 8.5"x11", and 8.5"x14" square corners, or 8.75"x8.25" round corners. The 10 mil clear covers are our most popular cover.

Gloss Kote-Style 100: White cover, high gloss, 12 point thickness.

Leatherette-Style 200: Embossed 80 lb. Stock with a leather-like appearance.

Linen-Style-215: Elegant 80 lb. Linen cover stock.

Ambassador-Style 300: Rich looking high gloss composition stock in a heavy 12 pt. thickness.

Flexigrain-Style 800: Superior quality composition stock in 17 pt. thickness.

Report Cover Sizes:
Flush cut: 8.5"x11"
Oversize: 8.75"x11.25"

Standard die cut windows available 1.75"x4" placed 3" from top. Imprinting available.

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