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Ledco Digital 42/60 Laminator: Large format laminators for the color imaging market in 42" and 60" widths. Capable of mounting and laminating, the simplified controls and heavy-duty construction make the Ledco units great values.

Hot Press Vacuum Presses: Durable hot/cold vacuum presses for production mounting and heatsealing. These versatile glass top units are oversized 36" x 48" (30" x 40"), 44" x 68" (40" x 60") and 52" x 99" (48" x 96") for easy operator use. Hot Press vacuum presses are very well made, easy to use, and very dependable.

Ledco Premier 4: Table top laminator for light commercial applications. This 25" laminator features cooling fans, variable speed, built-in slitters and will handle up to 10 mil film.

Laminex AV25/27: Table top laminators ideal for office, print shop, and school applications. Will handle 1.5 and 3 mil films. Very dependable units in 25" and 27" widths.

Pouch Laminators: We present the very best pouch laminator made: the 7000T (12") from Thermal Laminating. This unit is so reliable the manufacturer warranties it for 5 full years! For lighter use we offer the LX12 from Laminex. This is ideal for print shops, schools, offices, or anywhere use will be periodic.

Overhead Projectors: Apollo overhead projectors provide a great value for schools and businesses. Apollo offers a full line of overheads including multimedia LCD units, and the Synergy Multi-function projector.

Laminator/Projector Carts: Portable carts and stands are the best way to utilize and store laminators and projectors. Each cart provides storage for materials and is designed to offer the ideal operating height for users convenience.

Rototrim Cutters: The very best in rotary paper and plastic trimmers. The MasterCut II series trimmers are ideal for commercial to office use. They feature two guide rails for the cutting head and a clear hold down strip for easy positioning of paper. These workhorse units will trim paper and laminated paper with ease.

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