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Helpful Products

VersaMount Display Panels: VersaMount roll panels are ideal display makers. These plastic substrates may be used to mount artwork so that it can be rolled, stored, shipped, and displayed. Panels are available pre-coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, or available uncoated. The system makes attractive and durable trade show displays. Ship 4'x8' panels rolled in a tube anywhere with VersaMount!

ATG Tape: Lamotex brand ATG tape is a strong bonding, neutral pH, acrylic adhesive coated on a thin polyester base. It has excellent transfer capabilities. Size 1/2'x36 yards per roll, 12 rolls per pack.

D Tak Dust Wipes: Dtak cloth wipes, developed for the photo industry, pick up and hold dust and dirt. Wipe items to be mounted or laminated with Dtak cloths to leave your work free of debris. Dtak cloths can greatly reduce trapped dirt on mounts and laminations, reduce reworks, provide a cleaner, more professional job, and increase profits.

Kimote Dust Eraser: This hand-held roller picks up dust and debris as it is rolled over the graphic. Dust stays on the roller and does not become trapped under laminating film or between the image and substrate. The roller is easily cleaned and lasts a long time. Available in 3" and 12" widths.

Paper Thermometers: This is easiest way of assuring that your laminator or press temperature is where it should be. Use them to periodically check your equipment for proper calibration. Temperature range is 170-240 degrees F in ten degree increments. 16 strips per pack.

Adhesive Removal Kit: The Lamotex Adhesive removal kit uses a non-toxic, environmentally safe solvent. Remove adhesive build up from laminating rollers, and press platens. Kit contains quart of solvent and plastic wiping pads.

Banner Grommets: Available in brass, nickel, stainless steel, and self-piercing. Grommets in all sizes. Grommet kits for small volume jobs, and grommet machines for volume applications.

Foam Board Hangers: The easiest way to hang foam boards! Use either self tapping metal hangers or pressure sensitive plastic tabs for all types of foam display boards.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner: The very best glass cleaner available! Pleasant smelling foam action cleans without streaks. Safe for use on all transparent surfaces.

Cutting Mats: Non-slip 3 ply polypropylene provides a long-lasting cutting surface which does not dull blades as quickly as other cutting surfaces. The soft mat absorbs the cut of the blade and prevents channeling of future cuts. Sizes: 24"x35.5", 39"x59", 39"x78".

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