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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

UniMount PSA: An extremely smooth pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive coated on both sides of a .5 mil polyester core, protected by a single lay-flat release liner. Bonds photos, digital output, and most papers to smooth substrates such as card and foam boards. Ideal for long term applications. Acid free, permanent bond.

UniMount Extra PSA: Similar to UniMount PSA with distinct advantages. It has an extra aggressive adhesive providing better bonding to plastic surfaces. Its extra thick 1 mil center core construction also reduces "orange-peel". Acid free, permanent bond.

UniMount White PSA: Similar to UniMount Extra with the addition of a thicker white center core to reduce substrate see-through and "orange-peel". Acid free, permanent bond.

UniMount Clear PSA: This is an ultra-smooth, clear acrylic adhesive coated on an equally clear center core protected by two extremely smooth plastic release liners. This is the product of choice when face mounting images to clear plastics such as acrylic boards. Acid free, permanent bond.

SIZES UniMount UniMount Extra UniMount White UniMount Clear
24.5" x 150' X      
25.5" x 150'   X X X
31" x 150'   X X X
32.5" x 300' X      
38" x 300' X X X X
41" x 300' X X X X
43" x 300' X X X X
51" x 300' X X X X
54" x 300'   X X X
61" x 150'   X X  

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