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Thermal Laminates

General-Purpose Films: High quality polyester films with good abrasion resistance. Excellent clarity, ideal for most paper stock. This is the film of choice for schools, printers and commercial laminators using 27" (or smaller) laminators. 1.5 and 3.0 mil thickness, gloss finish. Poly-in 1" cores. Poly-out 2.25" cores. Matte finish 1.5 mil.

CoPolymer Films: Premium low-melt polyester films with good abrasion resistance. Better clarity, lower curl, and stronger bonding characteristics than general-purpose laminates (above). Ideal for most paper stock, digital output, and photos. Available in 1.7, 3, 5 and 10 mil thickness on 1", 2.25", and 3" cores. All widths available up to 54". All films also available with ultra violet inhibitors to reduce image degradation.

Heat Seal Films: PVC heat seal films with UV inhibitors may be applied by laminators and dry mount presses. Ideal for most paper stock including digital prints with heavy ink coverage. Three finishes, satin, satin-matte, matte. Also available with decorative textures: fine linen, coarse linen, deep canvas, sand.

Pouch Film: American made laminating film precut to convenient sizes for use in pouch laminators. Sizes range from small ID size to 12" x 18". Thickness range is 3 to 10 mil.

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